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No Time To Sync is a 4 player Puzzle-Party game where each player controls a set of neurons inside a host's brain.

Guide stimulus signals through the levels, spawned by every event the host faces during a regular day in the city.

Create a path for each stimulus to the proper response by syncing with the other players neurons, and help the host through his day!

You can play with a keyboard, but it is way more fun to play it with your phone as a controller! Download the app by flashing the QR code on the right!

Note: the app only works on Android phones

This game was done during the Bio and the City! Game jam thanks to the CRI Gamelab, Popup Urbain and the Gamelier.

Install instructions

First, download the game, unzip it, and launch the exe.

(the exe extracts itself out of the file, as "gamejam1_final_6", sorry for that)

If you want to try the motion controls (which you should, because it makes the game even more fun to play) download the app by flashing the QR code on the right!


To use the app, launch the game first, then the app, and type the IP address displayed in the bottom left corner of the game screen.

You need to be connected to the same wifi network for the app to sync with the game.

Here it is! You should be connected!

Your screen should display your player color.

Be sure to check if the controls correspond to the actual movement of the neurons (you can tick or un-tick the reverse controls option, or you can just flip your phone around).

Hold your phone with both hands and move it to flip the neurons of your color!

Have fun!


notimetosyncgame.rar 9 MB

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